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How To Install Titanium Build On Kodi | Supreme Builds Wizard

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The titanium build for Kodi is a great all-inclusive build that can be found in the Supremacy repository. If you have been looking for a one stop solution to all your Kodi entertainment needs then you will fall in love with this build.

What makes this build even better is the fact that it features all the new releases making sure you have access to the latest content without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Why Install a Build for Kodi?

If you are the type of person that wants a hands off experience with Kodi and don’t want to spend hours researching or manually installing addons on Kodi then having a Kodi build is definitely something for you. In addition to this, many good builds regularly update and replace addons that are not working so you can say good bye to the no stream available error.

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How to Install Titanium Build On Kodi Krypton

Titanium Build For Kodi

There are 2 things that you need to know before installing the Titanium build which are

  1. Make sure you have 180mb of free space on your kodi/android box because this is how much space that is needed to install the build.
  2. If this is the first time your installing a Kodi build then you need to know that alot of builds don’t let you revert back to the original Kodi interface after you have installed the build. The only way to go back to using the old kodi interface is if you factory reset Kodi. So if you love the setup you have at the moment and plan to reuse it sometime in the future, make sure you back it up before installing this build.

If you are ready launch Kodi and lets get started installing the titanium build:

Step 1: Go to the Kodi system interface by clicking on the small gear icon on the top left of the screen.

Step 1 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 2: Once inside the Kodi system interface click on the System Settings folder.

Step 2 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 3: Now go to addons and activate unknown sources. You need to activate this if you want to install addons from third party sources other than the official kodi addons. Once activated go back to the system interface.

Step 3 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 4: Here click on the file manager folder.

Step 4 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 5: Once inside File Manager go to the bottom and click on Add source. This will allow you to set up the official Supreme Repo file source.

Step 5 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 6: Now you will see the Add New File Source box appear on your screen. Click on the <none> icon.

Step 6 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 7: Now type in this URL into the box http://repo.supremebuilds.com/.

Step 7 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 8: Name it Supreme Builds so that you can easily find it in the following steps. Once you have given it a name press ok and lets move on.

Step 8 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 9: Go back to the Kodi homescreen and select addons. Once you are on the addon page select the package icon on the top right hand of the screen to go to the addon browser page.

Step 9 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 10:  Now click on Install From Zip File.

Step 10 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 11: Now find the Supreme Builds file source folder you created before.

Step 11 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 12: Click on the repository.supremebuilds-1.0.0.zip file. Now the supreme repository will start installing.

Step 12 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 13: Once completed you will see an icon appear on the top right letting you know that it was successful.

Step 13 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 14: Its time to install the Titanium Build. To continue go back to the addon browser page and click on the Install from repository option. Here navigate down until you find the Supreme Builds Repository and select it.

Step 14 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 15: You will now see a lot of different folders to choose from. Select program addons.

Step 15 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 16: Go into Supreme Builds Wizards.

Step 16 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 17: Click install. After installing a welcome pop up will appear press dismiss.

Step 17 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 18: Now go back to the Kodi homescreen and enter into addons. Go to the program addon section and launch Supreme Builds Wizard.

Step 18 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 19: Select the Builds option.

Step 19 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 20: Choose [17.6] Titanium – USA Server 1 (v3.5) .

Step 20 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 21: Click on Standard Install.

Step 21 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

Step 22: A message will pop up asking you if you are ready to install Titanium Build on kodi, press yes to continue.

Step 22 - Titanium Build Installation Guide

The build will start downloading just wait till it finishes. Once finished Kodi will reset and you will be kicked out of Kodi. When you reload Kodi you will start seeing the new Titanium build interface immediately.

I have to say that installing a build takes a bit longer than an addon but the good thing is you only need to do it once. Now let’s look at all the good stuff the Titanium Build has waiting for us shall we.

Titanium Build For Kodi Review

Titanium Build Kodi Interface Review

Straight off the bat you can see that it features a sleek design and the user interface is easy to navigate. As I mentioned to you before, compared to vanilla Kodi, you will see preinstalled addons under each section which removes the need for you to actively have to find addons that work.

Among the categories you will find in the Titanium Build are:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Kids Shows
  • Live Sports
  • Latino
  • Android Apps

The wide variety of content featured in this build makes it suitable for the whole family. You also get the child lock addon Pin Sentry preinstalled which is great if you plan to allow your kids to use this build.

Titanium Build Settings Menu

The level of customization is also good with you being able to change nearly everything you see about this build. The feature I found the most interesting is that you can arrange the addons under each category according to your liking which is great if you don’t want to have to scroll trough a huge list of addons just to get to your favorite one. It also has a featured maintenance options packed with the best maintenance tools for Kodi.

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Disclaimer: Kodiclub.com is in no way related or affiliated with the official Kodi website. We do not promote the illegal use of copyrighted material and all are tutorials are meant for those wanting to use Kodi to watch content they have already purchased. Please make sure you check local regulations to ensure you stay within the law at all times whilst using Kodi.