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How To Install Merlin Auto Cleaner On Kodi (2019) | Easy Kodi Maintenance Tool

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Do you notice your Kodi performance start to slow down after long periods of use? well this is not unusual. Just like how cache works on your computer, Kodi also stores cache on your local storage and often times people forget to clear the cache which is the main cause behind many common performance related issues that you could run into when using Kodi.

If you are a casual Kodi user that doesn’t want to go through the lengthy process of clearing Kodi’s cache manually then an automatic maintenance tool like Merlin Auto Cleaner is nothing short of a life saver.

In this tutorial I will show you how to install Merlin Auto Cleaner On Kodi 17. We have split this guide into two parts (methods). The first method will show you how you can install the addon using the SuperRepo Repository, which is a reliable, well maintained, and up to date repository for Kodi.

The reason why you have to use a repository to install the addon is because the guys at Merlin have created more advanced maintenance tools and chose to remove Merlin Auto Cleaner addon from the official Merlin repository.

The second method demonstrates how to install two really great Merlin Auto Cleaner Alternatives, called Merlin Wizard and Merlin Maintenance, which are available for download from the official Merlin repository.

What is Merlin Auto Cleaner & What Makes It A Good Kodi Maintenance Tool

Merlin Auto Cleaner has been around for a while now and is still widely used by the Kodi community due to it being both easy to use and fast to set up. Another reason why many choose to install Merlin Auto Cleaner is because it handles complicated Kodi maintenance tasks automatically.

Once Merlin Auto Cleaner is installed, every time you launch your Kodi app, this addon will automatically clean your cache and purge any existing packages you have stored on your Kodi box.

It’s obvious how Merlin Auto Cleaner has remained the tool of choice for a majority of casual Kodi users who want a quick and easy solution that keeps Kodi running smoothly.

Now you know why this addon is so useful, lets look at how we can download and setup Merlin Auto Cleaner on Kodi.

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Method 1 | Step-By-Step Guide To install Merlin Auto Cleaner On Kodi Using SuperRepo

When you are ready, launch the Kodi app and once you are at the homepage we can start.

Step 1: On your Kodi homepage, click the gear icon located on the top left of the page to enter System.

Method 1 - Step 1 - Go Into Kodi System

Step 2: In System, click on the System Settings option.

Method 1 - Step 2 - Select System Settings

Step 3: Here you want to scroll down to addons and activate Unknown Sources. This will allow you to download and install third party addons for Kodi without any restrictions.

Method 1 - Step 3 - Activate Kodi Unknown Sources

Step 4: Now go back to the System screen and choose file manager.

Method 1 - Step 4 - Click On Kodi File Manager

Step 5: On your left you will see a list of folder icons with different names. Choose the Add Source folder which is normally the last one on the list.

Method 1 - Step 5 - Choose Add Source

Step 6: Now you will see a Add File Source Box pop up. Double click on the <None> option.

Method 1 - Step 7 - Click On None

Step 7: Enter the SuperRepo URL address http://srp.nu

Method 1 - Step 6 - Enter SuperRepo Repository URL

Step 8: After pressing ok you will be brought back to the Add File Source box. Make sure you name the File Source as SuperRepo before continuing to the next step.

Method 1 - Step 8 - Rename The Repository

Step 9: Once you have added the File Source, you will see it appear as an option on the left hand side. Now jump back to the Kodi Homepage.

Method 1 - Step 9 - Confim Super Repo Folder

Step 10: At the Kodi Homepage, scroll down and click on Addons

Method 1 - Step 10 - Jump Into Addons Browser

Step 11: In Addons, choose the small package icon on the top left of the screen.

Method 1 - Step 11 - Click On Small Package Icon

Step 12: You will see a list of options. Scroll down and choose the Install From Zip File Option.

Method 1 - Step 12 - Select Add From Zip

Step 13: Find and click on the SuperRepo option.

Method 1 - Step 13 - Scroll To SuperRepo

Step 14: Inside SuperRepo, click on the Krypton folder.

Method 1 - Step 14 - Choose Krypton Folder

Step 15: Now click on the all folder.

Method 1 -Step 15 - Select All Folder

Step 16: Now click on the Superrepo.kodi.krypton.all.0.7.04.zip option.

Method 1 - Step 16 - Click On URL

Step 17: If successful you will see a notification pop up on the right hand side of your screen telling you that the addon is updated.

Method 1 - Step 17 - Notification Pop up

Step 18: now go back to the addon browser and choose Install From Repository.

Method 1 - Step 18 - Choose Install From Repository

Step 19: Find and click on the SuperRepo All [Krypton][v2]

Method 1 - Step 19 - Select SuperRepo

Step 20: Here you can see that addons are sorted by category. Make sure you scroll down and click on Program Addons.

Method 1 - Step 20 - Scroll To Program Addons

Step 21: You will now see a long list of program addons available for you to download on your Kodi. Navigate down the list until you find Merlin Auto Cleaner.

Method 1 - Step 21 - Choose Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 22: After clicking on it you will come to the addon info page. You can install the addon by clicking install on the bottom right hand of the screen.

Method 1- Step 22 - Install Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 23: Once you have installed the addon, jump to the addon section and you will see that the Merlin Auto Cleaner icon appear in Program Addons. Nice Job! you have successfully installed Merlin Auto Cleaner on Kodi.

Method 1 - Step 23 - Launch Merlin Auto Cleaner

Now that you have Merlin Auto Cleaner installed you can take a deep breath and relax because the addon will automatically run maintenance tasks every time you launch Kodi.

If you want to see what other amazing maintenance add-ons the Merlin team have in store, you can continue reading method 2 where we show you how to install Merlin Wizard & Merlin Maintenance directly using the official Merlin repository.

Method 2 | Using The Official Merlin Repository to Install Merlin Wizard

Merlin are know at making great maintenance apps for Kodi. Even though the Merlin Auto Cleaner addon is enough to take care of your daily Kodi housekeeping needs, people looking for a little more control over the maintenance process will love what Merlin Wizard has to offer.

Merlin Wizard is an app that allows you to install repositories and addons to Kodi easily by using a single inteface. What makes Merlin Wizard even more amazing is its toolbar function, which allows you to manually perform maintenance task as and when you please. Lets look at how we can set up Merlin Wizard on Kodi:

Step 1: Click on the gear icon on the top left hand of your screen to access System.

Method 2 - Step 1 - Start At The Home Page Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 2: Click on File Manager.

Method 2 - Step 2 - Navigate To System Settings Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 3: Scroll down and choose the Add Source Option.

Method 2 - Step 3 - Select Add Repository - Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 4: Double click on <None>.

Method 2 - Step 4 - Double Click None - Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 5: Enter the official Merlin Repository URL – http://mwiz.uk/repo

Method 2 - Step 5 - Enter Merlin Wizard URL - Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 6: Give it a name that is easy to remember like Merlin Repository.

Method 2 - Step 6 - Rename To Merlin Repository

Step 7: Now jump back to the homepage and go into addons.

Method 2 - Step 7 - Jump To Addons Browser - Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 8: Click on the small box icon on the top left of the screen.

Method 2 - Step 8 - Access Addon Installer Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 9: Choose Install From Zip.

Method 2 - Step 9 - Choose Install From Zip File - Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 10: Now click on Repository.merlin.zip.

Method 2 - Step 10 - Choose Repository Merlin

Step 11: Once this is done you will see a small notification pop up on the top right hand of your screen telling you that Merlin Repository was successfully installed.

Method 2 - Step 11- Installation Notification Will Appear - Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 12: Go back to the Addon Browser and click on Install From Repository.

Method 2 - Step 12 - Choose Install From Repository - Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 13: Choose the Merlin Repository option.

Method 2 - Step 13 - Select Merlin Addon - Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 14: Now click on the Program Addons folder.

Method 2 - Step 14 - Choose Program Addons - Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 15: Click on Merlin Wizard.

Method 2 - Step 15 - Install Merlin Wizard - Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 16: Install Merlin Wizard by clicking on the install button on the bottom right.

Method 2 - Step 16 - Install Merlin Wizard - Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 17: Once installed you will see a pop up notifying you that the installation process was complete.

Method 2 - Step 17 - Successful Notification - Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 18: Now go into Kodi addons and you can start using the addon by clicking on the Merlin Wizard Icon.

Method 2 - Step 18 - Launch Merlin Wizard App - Merlin Auto Cleaner

Step 19: To access Merlin Wizards maintenance tools, click on the Tool Box button located near the top right hand of the screen.

Method 2 - Step 19 - Go To Merlin Wizard Toolbar - Merlin Auto Cleaner

Like I mentioned before, this addon provides you with a variety of useful maintenance options to choose from which allow you to perform specific maintenance tasks such as view log, Debug, and Force Close Kodi.

Installing Merlin Maintenace

Finally, for those who just want to clear cache and purge packages manually, then the Merlin Maintenance addon is perfect for you.

If you have completed Method 1 and installed SuperRepo repository, revisit the SuperRepo program addons list to begin.

Step 1: In SuperRepo program addons scroll down to Merlin Maintenance and click on it.

Method 3 - Step 1 - Select Merlin Maintenance

Step 2: Once you have installed the addon go back into the program addons at the homepage and launch Merlin Maintenance by clicking on the app icon.

Method 3 - Step 2- Launch Merlin Maintenance

Step 3: The addon will give you two maintenance options to choose from which are Clear Cache and Delete Packages.

Method 3 - Step 3 - Choose Between Clear Cache Or Purge Packages

It is important that you keep Kodi well maintained as nothing is worse than an unresponsive app and slow loading times. Good maintenance can also help you avoid Kodi errors from happening such as the dreaded Check The Log For More Information Error.

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I hope that this guide made installing the Merlin Maintenance tools an enjoyable learning process. Now you have the addon installed, keeping Kodi running smoothly should be an easy task.

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