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How to Install Kodil Repository On Kodi (May 2019) | Working Method

How To Install Kodil Repository On Kodi - Featured Image

Looking for a Kodi repository that has everything you need? Look no further because the Kodil Repository has everything you want and more.

Originally known as Kodi Israel Group, the Kodil Repo is an amazing repository that contains a wide range of third party Kodi addons.

What makes Kodil so popular and different from the competition is that it host one of the most extensive lists of addons available. In addition to this, most of the addon links are still working which is a rare occurrence ever since most of the popular addons were taken down at the end of 2017.

Announcement (May 2019):  The Official Kodil Repository has been taken down and is no longer working. In the method below I show you how to install Kodil using the Androidaba Repository.

After spending a few minutes testing the repository I found that only a fraction of the addons listed were working. Having said that it’s still worth installing if you are a die hard Kodil fan.

Here are a few alternatives that are still up and running if you just want a working Video Addon.

Or if you are looking for a one-stop solution to all your Kodi viewing needs then you might want to try using a Kodi build.

A Kodi build combines all the latest Kodi addons in one place which saves you from having to keep installing new addons everytime your favorite addon gets taken down. To learn more about which Kodi build to use you can read our best Kodi builds guide.

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How To Install Kodil Repository on Kodi (2019) | Step-By-Step Guide

In this how to install Kodil Repository on Kodi guide, i will show you the two most commonly used methods on how to setup the Kodil Repo.

Method 1: Installing Kodil Using the Androidaba Repo URL

If you are a beginner and this is your first time installing a repository, then I suggest you use this method as it is the easiest and fastest method. The installation process can be divided into 3 main steps which are:

  1. Allowing downloads from unkwown sources
  2. Setting up the Androidaba repository source file
  3. Downloading and Installing the Kodil Repo

If you are ready, start Kodi up and lets begin.

Step 1: To begin click on the small gear icon on the top left hand side of your screen. This will take you the the Kodi system page.

Step 1 - Go To Kodi System Page - Kodil Repository Installation Guide

Step 2: Now click on the System Settings

Step 2 - Select System Settings - Kodil Repository Installation Guide

Step 3: Once inside system settings , scroll down to addons and activate the “Unkown Sources” option.

Step 3 - Activate Downloads From Unknown Sources - Kodil Repository Installation Guide

Step 4: Now go back to the Kodi System Page and click on the File Source option.

Step 4 - Enter File Manager - Kodil Repository Installation Guide

Step 5: Click on Add Source

Step 5 - Add New File Source - Kodil Repository Installation Guide

Step 6: Now double click on the <None> option

Step 6 - Select None - Kodil Repository Installation Guide

Step 7: Here you will need to enter the official Kodil URL which is http://androidaba.com/addons/ and press ok.

Install Kodil Repository 2019 - Step 7

Step 8: Make sure you give it a name that is easy to remember as you will need to locate it later on. In this example I have named it Androidaba.

Install Kodil Repository 2019 - Step 8

Step 9: Jump back to the Kodi Home Screen and go to addons. Once in addons, select the small package icon situated at the top left of your screen. This will bring you to the Kodi addon browser.

Install Kodil Repository 2019 - Step 9

Step 10: Inside the addon browser choose the Install From Zip File option.

Step 10 - Install Form Zip File - Kodil Repository Installation Guide

Step 11: Here you will see the file source that you created in step 8. Click on the Androidaba folder.

Install Kodil Repository 2019 - Step 11

Step 12: Select the Repository file

Install Kodil Repository 2019 - Step 12

Step 13: Scroll down until you find the repository.kodil-1.3.zip and click on it. This will start the Kodil repository installation.

Install Kodil Repository 2019 - Step 13

Step 14: If it is successful you will see a small icon pop up on the top right hand of the screen telling you that it is complete.

Install Kodil Repository 2019 - Step 14

Step 15: Now to start using the Kodil Repository just go back into the Add-on Browser page and click on the Install From Repository option.

Install Kodil Repository 2019 - Step 15

Step 16: If you scroll down you will see that the Kodil Repository is available to choose from. Click on it.

Install Kodil Repository 2019 - Step 16

Step 17: Now you can start using the Kodil Repository to install any addon you desire.

Install Kodil Repository 2019 - Step 17

As you can see, installing the Kodil repository using method 1 is pretty easy to do. the second method demonstrated below will show you how to install the Kodil repository by downloading the Zip File directly on to your PC or Kodi Box.

Method 2: Installing Kodil Repo Using the Kodi.zip File

Note: (January 2019) This method cannot be used anymore. Please use the above method.

So unlike the first method, where each step is done within the Kodi app, with this method we are going to be downloading the zip file manually on to our local C drive. To begin launch your internet browser.

Step 1: Go to Kodil Repositories official site http://kdil.co/repo/ and download the Kodi.zip file.

Method 2 - 1 - Visit Kodil Official Website

Step 2: Once downloaded make sure you move the zip file to a folder that you can find easily as you need to locate in later on. For this example i saved it in a folder located on my desktop.

Method 2 - 2 -Save Kodil Zip File On Desktop

Step 3: After that is completed, launch Kodi and go into addons. In addons click on the small package icon on the top left to access the addon browser.

Method 2 - 3 - Go To Addon Browser

Step 4: In the addon browser select the install from Zip File option.

Method 2 - 4 -Select Install From Zip File

Step 5: In this step you are going to locate the zip file you installed just now. Click on the local drive where the file is located. In this example I saved it on my C drive.

Method 2 - 6 - Find Zip File On C Drive

Step 6: Now navigate to the folder that contains the zip file. As I saved it on my desktop, i clicked on users>desktop>Kodil Folder. Once you find the folder click on the Kodi.zip file. This will begin the installation process.

Method 2 - 5 -Click on Kodi

Step 7: If everything went as planned you will see a notification telling you that the installation was successful.

Method 2 - 7 - Kodil Repo Successfully Installed

Now that you have Kodil set up lets look at how you can install addons using this repository.

How To Install Addons Using The Kodil Repository

Now that the Kodil Repository is set up you can start exploring all the great addons that are available. To do this make your way to the addon browser.

Step 1: To start, go to the Addon File browser and choose install from repository.

Step 14 - Download From Repository - Kodil Repository Installation Guide

Step 2: Once here make sure you select the Kodil repository from the list

Step 15 - Choose Kodil Addons - Kodil Repository Installation Guide

Step 3: You will now see all the different addon categories to choose from. For the purpose of this tutorial we will be installing the BBC iPlayer video addon. To install a video addon just click on the Video addons category.

Select Video Addons Category - Kodil Repository Installation Guide

Step 4: Scroll down until you find the desired addon and click on it to go to the addon information page.

Step 16 - Scroll Down To The Selected Addon - Kodil Repository Installation Guide

Step 5: At the addon information page click the install button at the bottom right hand side of the screen to start the installation process.

Step 17 - Go To Addon Information Page - Kodil Repository Installation Guide

Step 6: Once you have completed that step, a pop up will appear notifying you that the installation was successful.

Step 18 - Kodil Repository Installation Guide - Kodil Repository Installation Guide

Nice Job! You can now repeat the same steps to install any of the other addons featured in this repository.

Alternative Repositories Worth Trying

Even though the Kodil repository contains enough addons to meet all your Kodi needs, if you do feel like trying something new here are a few repositories worth looking at:

Noobs And Nerds Repository (NaN Repo)

NaN Rep - Kodil Repo Guide

Nan and Nerds or NaN Repo has been around for a while and continues to be the go to addon for its dedicated fanbase.

Its not hard to see why, this repository contains a few great addons such as Bob unleased, Security Sheild (Kodi Antivirus), and Community Portal. If you want to try it out for yourself you can do so by following our Noobs & Nerds installation guide.


Bubbles Repository

Bubble Repo - Kodil Repo Guide

This repository is a little different from the other main stream repositories because this repo revolves around the main addon which is the Bubbles Video addon. If you enjoy using video addons such as Exodus or Elysium you will fall in love with the Bubbles video addon.

It features a clean and easy to use interface also offering a long list of working links which can provide you with hours of great entertainment. You can setup bubbles repository by following our Bubble Repository installation guide.

Collossus Repository

Colossus Repository - Kodil Repo Guide

Collussus repository contains a few very useful addons that can improve your Kodi viewing experience. The first addon that you can find in this repository is F4M Tester for Kodi.

This is a support addon that is used by nearly all live TV addons which makes it a must have if you want to experience smooth live TV.

The second addon worth mentioning is the maintenance addon called Indigo. Indigo lets you carry out all the necessary Kodi maintenance tasks such as clear cache and pruge thumbnails.

Hope you found our how to install Kodil Repository on Kodi guide useful. If you are thinking of protecting your online privacy using a VPN then I suggest you use PureVPN. I personally use it on all of my devices and highly recommend it if you want to remain anonymous online.

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