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How To Install Redemption On Kodi In Under 5 Minutes | Easy Guide

How To Install Redemption On Kodi - Featured Image

Looking for a great addon that will give you endless hours of high quality video? Then you need to install Redemption on Kodi.

What makes this addon stand out from the rest is that it features a category dedicated to Fight Replays which lets you catch up on all the latest boxing and MMA fights making it a must have Kodi addon for MMA fans.

Before We Begin

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How to Install Redemption on Kodi | Step-by-step Guide

Installing Redemption on Kodi is really easy and quick to do. If you are ready, launch Kodi and lets start.

Step 1: On the Kodi Homescreen click on the gear icon on the top left of the screen to go to the System page.

Step 1 - Redemption Kodi Installation Guide

Step 2: Now click on system settings.

Step 2 - Redemption Kodi Installation Guide

Step 3: Once here, scroll down to addons and click on unknown sources. This will allow you to download and install addons from third party sources.

Step 3 - Redemption Kodi Installation Guide

Step 4: After doing this, go back to the System Page and click on File Manager.

Step 4 - Redemption Kodi Installation Guide

Step 5: Here scroll to the bottom and click on Add Source.

Step 5 - Redemption Kodi Installation Guide

Step 6: Now you will see a box appear on the screen, click on the <None> option.

Step 6 - Redemption Kodi Installation Guide

Step 7: Type or copy and paste this URL into the URL box: http://buckymedia.ru/redaddon

Step 7 - Redemption Kodi Installation Guide

Step 8: Now give it a name that is easy to remember because you will need to find it later on. In this case I named it Bucky Media Repo.

Step 8 - Redemption Kodi Installation Guide

Step 9: Once you have set up the file source its time to start installing the addon. Go back to the homepage and select addons. Now click on the small gear icon on the top left.

Step 9 - Redemption Kodi Installation Guide

Step 10: To continue click on Install From Zip File.

Step 10 - Redemption Kodi Installation Guide

Step 12: Find the Bucky Media Repo file you created in step 8 and click on it.

Step 12 - Redemption Addon Installation Guide

Step 13: Now click on the file named plug.video.redemption.zip. After clickin on this zip file the installation process will begin.

Step 13 - Redemption Kodi Installation Guide

Step 14: If the installation was successful you will now see a notification pop up on the top right hand side of the screen telling you the addon was installed.

Step 14 - Redemption Kodi Installation Guide

Nice work! You have just successfully installed the redemption addon. To start using redemption you can find it in the video addons section.

Step 15 - Redemption Kodi Installation Guide

Now lets look at what this amazing video addon has to offer.

Redemption Addon Review

Redemption Kodi Addon Review

This addon is pretty simple to use and if you look at the interface you can see that the developer has included a few amazing features that will satisfy your inner movie buff. Here are the list of categories that you can choose from:

  • Movies A-Z
  • New Releases
  • 4K Movies
  • 3D Movies
  • Fight Replays
  • Testing

The first feature that I really enjoyed when using the Redemption addon was the 4K movies category. Here you will find a selection of great high quality 4K movies to choose from ranging from recent releases to all time classics. This is great if you want to test out your HDR TV.

For those who want to catch up on the latest MMA or Boxing fights then the Fight Replays category is the option for you. In here you can see a list all the latest fights, so if you missed a big fight chances are you can re-watch it here.

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