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How To Install Neptune Rising On Kodi 2019 | Working Method

How To Install Neptune Rising On Kodi - Featured Image

Since the big takedown last year finding a reliable video addons that has working links is getting harder. Fortunately there are still a few Kodi video addons that offer great quality video streams and one that is quickly becoming a favorite in the Kodi community is Neptune Rising.

Like many other great video addons, Neptune Rising combines great quality video links with an easy to use user interface which makes using this addon an enjoyable experience. In this how to install Neptune Rising on Kodi guide, I will show you an easy step-by-step way on how you can download, install and setup this addon.

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How to Install Neptune Rising on Kodi | Step By Step Guide

Installing the Neptune rising addon is pretty straight forward and simple. The process consist of 4 main stages which are:

  1. Allowing Third Party Downloads
  2. Setting Up The Mr Blamo File Source
  3. Downloading and Installing The Mr Blamo Repository
  4. Installing the Neptune Rising Video Addon

Now you have a rough idea of what we will be doing next, launch your Kodi app and lets start with the first step:

Step 1: To start go to Kodi Settings page by clicking on the small gear icon located on the top left hand of the screen.

Step 1 - Select Gear Icon To Enter Kodi Settings - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 2: Now click on system settings.

Step 2 - Click on System Settings - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 3: Once in system settings, scroll down until you get to the addons option and activate Unknown Sources. Kodi will prompt you with a warning message, click ok to continue.

Step 3 - Activate Allow 3RD Party Sources - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 4: Now go back to the System page and click on File Manager.

Step 4 - Select File Manager - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 5: You are now going to set up the MR Blamo Repository File Source. To do that, scroll down and select the add source option.

Step 5 - Double Click On Add Source - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 6: An add file source box will appear. Double click <None> which can be found in the middle of the box.

Step 6 - Click On Add Source - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 7: Now you need to enter the official MR Blamo repository URL which is: http://repo.mrblamo.xyz/.

Step 7 - Enter Mr Blamo URL - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 8: After entering the URL, make sure you give the Source File a name. You can enter a name at the bottom section in this box. For this tutorial I chose to name the file MR BLAMO as it will be easy for me to find it later on.

Step 8 - Rename Source MR Blamo Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 9: Go back to the Kodi homepage and go to addons. Once In addons click on the small box icon on the top left. This will bring you to the Kodi addon browser.

Step 9- Enter Kodi Addon Browser - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 10: Click on the Install from Zip File option.

Step 10 - Choose Install From Repository - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 11: Here you will need to select the file source you created in step 8.

Step 11 - Select MR Blamo File Source - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 12: Select the repository.blamo-0.1.3.zip file. This will start the installation process.

Step 12 - Click On Mr Blamo Zip - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 13: Once successfully installed, you will see a notification appear on the top right hand of your screen. Congratulations you have just installed the MR Blamo repository on your Kodi. The next stage will be installing the Neptune Rising addon.

Step 13 - Click On Mr Blamo Zip - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 14: To continue go back to the addon browser page and select the Install From Repository option.

Step 14 - Select Install From Repository Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 15: Scroll down until you find the MR Blamo Repository and click on it.

Step 15 - Scroll To MR Blamo Repo Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 16: Here you will see that addons are sorted according to category. Select the Video Addons Category.

Step 16 - Select Video Addons Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 17: Go down the list of addons and you will find the Neptune Rising video addon. Click it and you will be brought to the addon information page.

Step 17 - Choose Neptune Rising Addon - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 18: Here you can see information such as what the addon does and who created it. To begin the installation process click on the install button located at the bottom right.

Step 18 - Click Install Addon - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Step 19: You will see a notification come up telling you that Neptune Rising addon was successfully installed.

Step 19 - Neptune Rising Successfully Installed - Neptune Rising Installation Guide

Nice work! You have now successfully installed the Neptune Rising Kodi Addon. To start using the addon you can find it in the video addons section.

Neptune Rising Kodi Addon Review

Once you launch Neptune Rising you will see that it give you a lot of great options to choose from such as you can see in the picture below.

Select Movies Neptune Rising Addon Review

After playing around with the addon I have to say that these are the two categories I like most.

Critter’s Corner

Critters Corner Neptune Rising Addon Review

At first I was abit reluctant to click on this option as the picture gave me the impression that I would find horrific looking critters inside, but I was surprised at how amazing Critters Corner is.

If you are the type of person that doesn’t like to waste time scrolling endlessly through a long list of movies just to find the one you want to watch then you will love this.

Critters Corner takes the top 100 most popular movies of each genre and sorts them into alphabetical order. Just imagine your in the mood for a bit of action, all you do is click on the 100 Best action movie category and you will be able to pick from the best action movies of all time, which is great if your looking to save a bit of time or need help making a decision.

IMDB User List

IMDB User List Movies - Neptune Rising

If you are familiar with the IMDB website you probably know that you are able to see all the information about the movie such as actors, trailers and ratings listed on the site. Not only does IMDB allow users to give movies a rating, users can also give reviews and compile lists of what they think are the best movies to watch.

What the IMDB user list options does is take some of the most popular user lists on IMDB recreates it in the addon. As you can see from the picture, lists range from the most popular spy movies of all time to cult horror classics. I can see this providing you hours of entertainment without you having to do any research on which movies are worth watching.

As you can see, apart from giving you the best quality video streams available, the Neptune Rising addon really shines when it comes to the convenience that it offers.

Alternative Video Addons Worth Using

If you are looking to try some great Kodi video addons here are some that are definitely worth trying:


Placenta Addon Neptune Rising

New to the video addon scene, Placenta is quickly becoming a favorite in the Kodi community. If you enjoyed using the legendary Exodus video app then you will love Placenta as it is a working Exodus fork with alot of great added features. you can install Placenta by following our how to install Placenta on Kodi tutorial.


Bubbles Addon Neptune Rising

How this video addon keeps on surviving take downs is nothing short of a miracle. The bubbles addon is one of few reliable video addons that is still working today. You can install this addon by reading our Bubbles Repository Installation Guide.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and I bet you can’t wait to start exploring everything Neptune Rising has to offer.

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